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Dr Crafty's Concoction Commission Prices! by DrCrafty Dr Crafty's Concoction Commission Prices! :icondrcrafty:DrCrafty 36 34 Commissions Guide by DB-Palette Commissions Guide :icondb-palette:DB-Palette 11 0 KMcCaigue Commissions 2016 by kmccaigue KMcCaigue Commissions 2016 :iconkmccaigue:kmccaigue 3 2 Venutoise by LockStockCreation Venutoise :iconlockstockcreation:LockStockCreation 37 2 Commission info 2017 (humanoid) by bakki Commission info 2017 (humanoid) :iconbakki:bakki 54 10 Commission info 2017 (pony) by bakki Commission info 2017 (pony) :iconbakki:bakki 26 0 Commission Chart 2016 by Hakunaro Commission Chart 2016 :iconhakunaro:Hakunaro 23 34

Examples of my style:
here and here

What I do

• Animals, feral and anthro.
• Humans.
• Mythical creatures.
• Hybrids, monsters, aliens, and basically any made up species.
• Machines, vehicles and robots. (Only if you can provide good references)
• Complex stuff like armor, weapons, detailed outfits, etc. also require good references.
What I won't do
• Fetishes.
• Kissing. (Sorry! I'm a weirdo! XD)
• Realism.
Terms and conditions
• I reserve the right to turn down a commission if I feel it's beyond my current skills or if I'm uncomfortable with the subject.
• Once you receive your commission you can do whatever you want with it except claim that you drew it.
• If I can't compl
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Comission by Orkimides Comission :iconorkimides:Orkimides 93 9
Commissions - [Physical Sketches Available]
Information on commissions is available below, so please read! ^^


UPDATE 3: As of September 19, 2016, I will now be accepting physical, sketch commissions. More details can be found below.

UPDATE 2: As of May 15, 2015, I will be sending invoices out for commissions.
UPDATE: New information has been added to both the Options and Payment sections. Please read these through carefully before sending me a Note with questions; if you still cannot find your answer, then go ahead and shoot me a message.
NOTE: All prices are in US Dollar amounts. Tax is not charged on any commission.
ANOTHER NOTE: I DO NOT take point commissions! I have no need for points, so do not accept points as a form of payment, sorry.
All commissions come, by default, coloured and cel shaded, with a sim
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commission info by qMargot commission info :iconqmargot:qMargot 128 42 Price Guide by Syvaender Price Guide :iconsyvaender:Syvaender 43 13
Commissions are now open!
Payments through Paypal only.I’ve written up a list of my art styles below to categorise prices and so forth, but it isn’t iron-clad. It should in fact be noted that PRICES MAY VARY  depending on the complexity of the commission.To put the prices into perspective, I’ve included the relative time it takes to complete different types of commissions (trying not to go below minimum wage here). If it seems a bit pricey, just think of me, hunched over a tablet through to the wee hours of the morning, desperate completionism haunting my expression.
When describing what you’re after, be as specific as you can. Use detailed descriptions and send as many visual references as you feel are necessary for the most accurate result.
TIME (roughly): 1-2 hours
PRICE (USD): Full-body - 15 | Waist-up - 10 | Bust - 8 | Added character - 5 | With scenery - 5
:icondukestewart:DukeStewart 15 6
Commission Sheet|Updated by that-rae-of-sunshine Commission Sheet|Updated :iconthat-rae-of-sunshine:that-rae-of-sunshine 8 0
Price Guide USD
Price Guide
Euro Price Guide
Terms of Service
General Information
1. Please read my Terms of Service before you note me. If you commission me you automatically agree to them. Click here for ToS
2. All prices are that of a single character. Additional characters will be charged at 100% of the original commission type. If you request a pose that shows of significantly less of the character (example: you request a fullbody of Character A and Character B is only seen as a head peeking at Character A) than the original type of commission suggests I am willing to do discounts. Each will be calculated individually.
I may refuse ridiculously big amounts of additional characters.
3. Please keep my comfort zone in m
:iconsyvaender:Syvaender 18 27
Opening commissions by Hapuriainen Opening commissions :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 141 95



I've really wanted to sstart a play by post rpg, but have no idea how to go about doing it. If someone could give me some pointers, or better yet, leave a link to a guide in the comments below, I would appreciate it.
I've really wanted to sstart a play by post rpg, but have no idea how to go about doing it. If someone could give me some pointers, or better yet, leave a link to a guide in the comments below, I would appreciate it.
A while back, whilst browsing through Michael's, I stumbled upon a book about world building. I didn't buy it, but now I'm curious enough to try and look it up. I don't remember the exact title, but it remember it was a paperback, the cover a real worn design to it, making it like a journal, and it encouraged you to write in it. If anyone knows which book I'm talking about, could you post the title in the comments section below? Thanks in advance.
The good folks at :iconjfmstudios: did a series where they gave the Loud children super powers. Now, the powers were decent-certainly syncing with there personalities-but in the spirit of one-up-man-ship, I'll throw my ideas into the ring. I've had these ideas cooking in the back of my head for a while, so I'd figure I'd throw them out here.

  • Lori: For Lori, I'd give her a toned down version of Supergirl's powers-flight, super speed, super strength, laser eyes, etc. I figured, she's already lording her age and drivers license, why not her multiple powers. Granted, when I say 'toned down', I mean 'not to a point where she'd be considered OP'.
  • Leni: Super speed. No particular reason, I just like the hilarity that ensues when you give a slow mind a fast body.
  • Luna: A guitar the emits sonic blasts. The two main modes of this I see are a power chord induced wave that hits everything in front of her with the force of a tidal wave, and a beam from the head of the guitar that knocks individual baddies with each note played. Inspired by a combination of Ember (Danny Phantom), Eddie Riggs (Brutal Legend), and Wander (Wander Over Yonder).
  • Luan: Form portals that 1. allow for short distance teleportation and 2. allow access to a pocket dimension containing an arsenal of weaponized gags (clown hammers, extending boxing gloves, etc.). Inspired by a combination of Peacock (Skullgirls), Breach (Generator Rex), and Chell (Portal).
  • Lynn: Super strength. I figured a sporty shorty like her would appreciate it.
  • Lincoln: Orange, hardlight energy constructs, usually in the form of ropes and playing cards (kid's been reading too much Ace Savvy). Inspired by Green Lantern and Gambit.
  • Lucy: Shadow manipulation/constructs. Based loosely off of The Darkness.
  • Lola and Lana: Lola has a pink variant of Lincolns power. Lana's an earthbender. Both mostly use their powers to make themselves bigger-Lola forms an elegant suit of armor armed with melee weapons, Lana forms a golem like shell armed with her fists.
  • Lisa: Telekinesis, telepathy, mind reading-your basic three ring psychic circus. Basically a tiny Prof. X.
  • Lilly: None. Basically Jack-Jack (The Incredibles).
I've had this idea for a fan fic bubbling in my head for a while, and since I don't entirely trust myself to do it justice, I'm throwing the general idea out there to see if it interests someone enough for them to make something of it. (If it does, be sure to send me a link in the comments below.

As the title indicates, this is a crossover with The Loud House. The other half of this crossover? Drum roll, please...

:drumroll: Gong

Wander Over Yonder!

Now, I know what your thinking: 'But Enigmus, WOY is set in space, whilst TLL is set on good ol' Terra Firma'. I say: 'If someone can crossover Total Drama and Code Lyoko, then I can do this'. So sit back, relax, enjoy your complementary meal, and keep all appendages, tails, and heads in side the train of thought at all times.

So the basic idea is that the Loud children are in some sort of spaceship, and are traveling through the galaxy, trying to find their home/family and loved ones, a la Lost in Space/Star Trek Voyager/Dogstar. And Wander and Sylvia, being the good guys they are, tag along to help. Why are the Louds in space? Two ideas: 1. They were cryogenically frozen a la the 20th century dudes from that episode of Start Trek TNG. 2. They were part of colony fleet (think Oregon Trail in space), and were separated during an attack by a villain (most likely Dominator, although Hater, Awesome, or some OC will suffice).

Beyond that basic premise, I would imagine the story being a homogeneous mixture of Slice of Life, with a general arc pertaining to finding the Loud's home. I haven't thought much in terms of specific stories, except one where Luan runs in Dr. Screwball Jones. Also, I always imagine Lori as being more motherly here than in canon, though given the situation they're in, this is understandable in hindsight.

And there we are. We hope you enjoyed your tour of my mind. And don't worry, I might post other ideas here at later dates. Be sure to comment below about your thoughts, and if you have any additional plot ideas.
I've really wanted to sstart a play by post rpg, but have no idea how to go about doing it. If someone could give me some pointers, or better yet, leave a link to a guide in the comments below, I would appreciate it.


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